Urban Chicken Coops


An Eglu

Probably the most well known of coops aimed at the urban chicken keeper is omlet’s eglu. The eglu is a coop with an integrated run. The eglu is easy to look after and clean and is suitable for two medium chickens or four small chickens.

So far there have been two versions of the eglu the Mark1 and Mark2, the Mark2 being larger than the Mark1. There is now a bit of a market in second hand eglus on ebay. So if you start with a small flock of chickens and decide to get more you can sell your eglu (or buy another)!

The elgu is sold as a fox proof coop, which it more or less has turned out to be with the odd exception.

Mark1 Eglu
The first version of the eglu was produced by Royal College of Art graduates, while no longer being produced by omlet some Mark1’s crop up on e-bay every now and again.

Mark2 Eglu
The Mark2 is physically bigger than the Mark1, and can be easily told appart from the Mark1 and the top of the door is much closer to the top of the eglu, the resign allowed for the keeping of larger chickens.

There are rummors of the Mark3 elgu which will be large still and be able to accomidate the largest of chickens (e.g. Buff Orpington).

Traditional wooden ark

A Wooden Ark

The traditional wooden ark is reproduced my many inderviduals and commercial ventures. They are available in a number of sizes to accomodate different numbers of chickens.

Converted Shed

You can convert an ordinary garden shed into a coop by adding a pophole, nestboxes and perches. They can then either be free ranged, or you can build a run on the end.