Why would you want to own chickens, if you live in a town or city?

Well they are a nice pet that lay the odd present for you.

Are they easy to look after ?

The simple answer is yes, particularly if you’re at work all day. You only need to let them out the coop each morning and feed them, check for eggs, and shut them in the coop at night. They can even be left for a few days (assuming you leave enought food and water out).

They need to be cleaned out about once a week, with some Urban Chicken Coops this is much simpler than others (with the eglu it takes about 1 min).
Do you need a cockerel to get eggs ?

No, hens will lay eggs regardless of whether you have a cockerel or not.
Are they noisy ?

Hens don’t make a lot of noise, just the occasional clucking sound as they wonder around. Cockerels however do make quite a bit of noise, but you don’t need a cockerel for the hens to lay so don’t buy one (unless you want loads of chicks).
Do they smell ?

To be honest if you don’t clean them out they will smell. However if you clean your coop out regularly then they should not smell. Their food if it gets wet and dropped on the ground will smell if not cleaned up.
Do I need to worry about avian(bird) flu?

Not yet. Only commercial or flocks of 50+ chickens have to be registered. See the DEFRA website for the latest information.